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Toll for lorries – simple and practical way of paying, i.e. automatical toll bookkeeping using board equipment from Toll Collect.



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From vignette to Toll Collect

The position of Germany In the centre of Europe makes the country the central point of the international lorry transport. The German government, introducing a toll for driving on motorways, decided to divide expenses of maintaining, extension and repairing German motorways. The toll will is collected by counting the length of lorry driving for lorries over 12 tons from Germany and other countries.


New toll charging system

Thanks to new automatic system of charging a toll, Toll Collect firm accomplishes double commission:

  1. As a service of RFN government, the firm is responsible for taking the toll in a precision way.

  2. As a partner of transport line, the firm does its best to take the toll in a simple and comfortable way, without waste of time.


 Automatic toll bookkeeping by using boarding equipment

Automatic toll charging during driving is the easiest way of paying for lorry driving. The basis of this kind of bookkeeping is installing board equipment in a lorry. The device is the same size as car radio and is easy to operate: driver has just to enter a number of lorry axes before driving. The rest of the operation is done automatically.

It is enough to activate the equipment only once, and it will count the length of the road with a precision to one kilometre. The boarding equipment sends data to the toll counting centre in Toll Collect firm, where clear calculation of driven paid roads’ sections is made and sent back to the driver. Payment can be regulated directly form bank account, in advance on the user account or with petrol card.

Registration in Toll Collect firm is the condition of board equipment instalment.

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We, Elstal-Service Partner Toll Collect employees, do everything to make the way of new toll charging and counting the easiest and least time-consuming to you. Please do not hesitate to call us, we will help you and answer all the questions regarding Toll Collect system and our services.